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Our first Chasing Vert Athlete....Sam Weir

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Who is Sam Weir.......

Sam is based on the Gold Coast and is 25 years of age, which is relatively young for his chosen sport of Ultra Marathon running. 

Sam hold's multiple under 25 National distance records and, in the past 4 years has competed in some of Australia's hardest races, with a no DNF rate.  

Highlights in Sam's career 

1st -  450klm Anzac Ultra in 2014 (81 hrs with his nearest rival finishing 21hrs adrift)

1st - Kokoda Teams Challenge (96klm race in the Gold Coast Hinterland)

2nd - Age group Tawawerra Ultra Marathon 100klm 

Youngest ever to finish the C2K Ultra Marathon 2 years running, a brutal 240klm race to the summit of Mt Kosciousko

2nd - 100 mile Glasshouse Ultra Trail Marathon 

Youngest to finish the GNW 100 mile trail race in Central Coast NSW

First person in History to trek across Papa New Guinea in 7.5 days

Climbed Mt Kilamanjaro in 2014 and raised $92,000 for Legacy 

9th in age group in the Cairns Ironman 

50 mile record holder for Australia in 2013 

Sam's Ultimate Goal.

In February this year, Sam received the news he had been waiting for, after one failed attempt to gain entry in 2015, he finally received the entry to the toughest footrace in the world "Badwater 135" and human torture test and mental whip out, this event is run in some of the most inhospitable locations on the planet, Death Valley, Nevada USA, in the middle of summer where temperatures can reach up to 57 degrees, there is no reprieve its you against you.  Only 100 people are chosen to compete from around the world, the application alone is like a job interview, they only pick the best of the best and the people they know can finish the race, with Sam's report card he clearly is one of those people with an amazing uncanny ability to shut out whats going on around him and in his own body to persevere and push on to the finish line.  He is grouped in the fastest runners group with the likes of Legends in the Ultra Marathon world, Dave Goggins, and our very own Aussie Champs Mick Thwaites and Nicki Wynd, in July 2016

How are you and we helping Sam ?

The reason Chasing Vert was set up was to help people and athletes like Sam who don't have big corporate sponsors or deep pockets to be able to afford to just jump on a plane and compete in these events, these are life long goals for these people and why should a little financial hurdle step in the way, life is about reaching goals and experiencing the best level of competition in there chosen sport, unfortunately a lot of people don't get to reach there potential, and here at chasing vert we want to change that and help as many aspiring, experienced and up and coming athletes as possible so they don't give up on there dreams. 

So how we do this you might say?  With every purchase of a product from our online store we place $10 in a separate account which is then passed on to the selected Athlete for anything they require, be that gear, travels expenses, accommodation, entries, training expenses, what ever it may be they require.

So if you purchase one of our Chasing Vert products you in your mind know that the money is going towards helping someone with a dream they may have thought not possible achieve it. 

Lets all get behind Sam and get shopping as you also know your going to be getting a quality product as well. 






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