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What is a Buff ?

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One of the most versatile pieces of gear I’ve tried this year is a ChasingVert Buff. 

A buff is a tube of polyester microfabric. If you slip it over your head, it will form a hat that will keep you warm or keep the sun off of your head. You can roll it up and also make it into a head band to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

Buffs can be used in any outdoor activity and are very popular with extreme sports, such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, MTB, trail running, Dirt biking, parachuters, cyclist anything to keep the sun and cold off the face, it can also be used as a temporary bandage or clothe when out without proper first aid. 

This light weight piece of material is seamless so wont give you a headache or seam lines on your head and face, and is probably the first thing i would pack from now on when i go outdoors for any sort of activity.

One variation I used this year was as a bug mask at night when the black flies were biting. When the bugs would come out in the evening, I would put my buff on so that it covered my entire face, head, and neck except for a small slit where my glasses could see out.

When I went to sleep, I’d wear my buff as a tube covering my face and head to keep the bugs off me at night when I didn’t have a head net. It was a little odd, but it worked pretty well in the absence of a bug net. Buffs are made from Coolmax polyester which is thick enough to keep the bugs from biting through, but cool enough to breath through.

So there you go Buffs can be used in any sort of capacity and can come in handy when there is nothing else about maybe even fix a car !! (not sure about that) 

If you click on the link below it will show you the many uses it has and how you can wear it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8pJtciCAF8

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