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CV Athlete Programme

Chasing Vert Athletes Programme explained....

Chasing Vert has a vision to help as many up & coming and established endurance Athletes as possible, by way of sponsorship apparel and gear as well as assistance financially so they can their goals

We have found that there is a big gap between major sports that have huge coverage and the obscure sports that have little coverage, and also the uprising of non genuine athletes who have large social profiles who are now getting financial and product gain with no athletic ability in the fields they are representing,  these brands are slowly losing their integrity as making sales and making money are the only drivers they focus on, instead of supporting those who dedicate their lives to their chosen sport without any recognition or genuine help to get them there.

At Chasing Vert we are feed up and have decided to take a stance and actually help out those budding champions and get them to where they need to be either be that right now or in years to come, hence why we have opened the "Chasing Vert Athletes Programme" 

Through our product sales we are going to use a percentage of the profits which will be deposited into the CV Fund, which will be then disbursed to an athlete of our choice every 6 months, there will be an application process, which the athlete will need to submit a short but detailed email to chasingvert@gmail.com, outlining the following -

1. Chosen sport and experience 

2. Career to date results (you don't have to win to be a CV Athlete)

3. Events you are preparing for or dream events you may have thought out of reach           but would like to compete at (don't hold back here).

4. What they need from CV to get there (again don't hold back)

5. A brief paragraph on how you think CV can help you reach your goal. 

6. Why is this so important to you ?.

Once the emails have been received the CV crew will work through each one and determine who will receive the support for the coming 6 months period. 

What does CV expect in return - 

1. A weekly blog or vlog on how the Athlete is going in training and achieving this goal.

2. You will be supplied with CV gear and supporting sponsors equipment etc, we would expect the athlete to post on social media and hashtag #chasingvert on a weekly basis. 

3. Wear CV gear in any events while under the CV Athlete program. 

4. Become a RD (research and development team member) to test out any new CV gear prior to release with objective and professional feedback to better the products. 

5. Attend any press releases, media obligations, and functions or trade shows on behalf of CV. 

Applications - are now open for our next athlete to sponsor, and will close on the 14th of May 2017, we will then go through our internal process to select the athlete and notify them either way if they have been selected or not on or before the 21st May 2017, the next Funding period will start on the 1st June 2017 with all % of profit funds accumulated for the next 6 months from this sales period going towards the chosen athletes goal. 

So if you have a friend, family member or want to nominate yourself to be our Chasing Vert Supported Athlete then jump on and send us an email today, no matter what sport it is we will consider all applicants,

Email - chasingvert@gmail.com  (Mark attention Athlete Programme)

Our latest supported Athlete - Richard Avery

We are proud to announce our latest Chasing Vert supported athlete, Richard Avery.

A humble runner from WA who has some huge race's and adventure's coming up this year, we could not ignore this hard working talented runner on the rise. 

So who is Richard Avery ? (from the man himself)

I have a huge desire to extract the most out of life I possibly can. Having been through some deep and dark times, seen some amazing humans taken too early, and others use their bodies and opportunities poorly, I am driven to succeed. I am lucky enough to have a healthy body that responds well to training, and live in a country where it’s relatively easy to make a living in 40 hours of the week, so why not use the rest of the time to explore nature, our minds, and what our bodies can achieve 

I am also passionate about inspiring others, particularly children. We need to be excellent role models for our future generations if we are to call ourselves a successful society. If we raise the bar in our own lives, so those looking to us will be inspired to raise the bar even higher, and create even better results in the process. We need to work hard at our passions, because results won’t just arrive at our doorstep.

Growing up in Marlborough, NZ, I always loved the outdoors and team sports. I spent a lot of my earlier years reading books on mountaineering and survival stories. I also enjoyed playing sports right through my schooling years, representing both my school and the Nelson/Marlborough provinces in Hockey and Squash.

I began running marathons in 2008 as a way to test myself, and soon fell in love with the movement and freedom of running. I discovered ultra-marathons in 2011, when Racing the Planet held a 100k race in Northern Western Australia. Devastatingly, this race resulted in 5 competitors being taken to hospital with severe burns and I was taken off course with severe dehydration. This experience left me with little desire to continue running, and I took a 3 year break from the sport.

I completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management through Charles Sturt University by distance education in 2010, while working on a mixed enterprise farm in Kojonup, WA. I have worked in the Agriculture industry ever since and now own and operate a grain marketing business.

I am also now a dedicated ultra-marathon runner. I allocate 17 to 25 hours per week in training, mostly consisting of running, but also cycling, hiking and gym work.

I am the current West Australian state record holder for both the 24hr and 100km races.

In 2017, I am travelling to Belfast, Northern Ireland to represent New Zealand in the World Championships for 24 hour running, and am looking to use this as a platform to propel my career further.

I am also hoping that my recent 100km victory will be enough to qualify me for the New Zealand team to represent the nation at the World Championships, in September 2018 in Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia. The team will likely be named in March 2018.

The video below explains one of Richard's Big adventures for this year, his attempt at the FKT (fastest known time) on the Bibbulmun Track.