"It's never boring when your exploring" B. Martin
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Our mission for Chasingvert

At Chasingvert we sell products that are good quality that we would use if we where on an adventure, anything that has anything to do with chasingvert you will eventually find here for sale. 

We also donate $10 from every product sold to people who are chasingvert or have a huge goal in mind that is out of the ordinary that would not normally attract a sponsor willing to provide financial support due to the obscurity of the challenge or sport. 

We have just named our second athlete to receive Funding after our first successful campaign to help fund Sam Weir, who just recently achieved his goal to run and finish the worlds toughest Ultra Marathon "Badwater135". 

Our new Athlete we will be funding through sales is Mat Grills "The Tattoo Runner" in 6 weeks he will be embarking on an a feet to run 3 x 100 mile races with a small period of time and to help him achieve his goal we at Chasing Vert have jumped on board to lend financial support to Mat to ease the pressure, you can read more about Mat's mission in our recent blog. 

So if you have a friend or even yourself looking for financial support or other means of help to achieve a goal, please feel free to email chasingvert@gmail.com to see if we can help you, we can't promise anything but we will definitely try.