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Supporting Athletes Programme.

Chasing Vert Athletes Programme explained....

Chasing Vert has a vision to help as many up & coming and established endurance Athletes as possible, by way of sponsorship and assistance financially.

We have found that there is a big gap between major sports that have huge coverage and the obscure sports that have little coverage, and also the uprising of non genuine athletes who have large social profiles who are now getting financial and product gain with no athletic ability in the fields they are representing,  these brands are slowly loosing there integrity as sales and making money are the only drivers they focus on, instead of supporting those who dedicate there lives to there chosen sport without any recognition or genuine help to get them there.

At Chasing Vert we are feed up and have decided to take a stance and actually help out those budding champions and get them to where they need to be either be that right now or in years to come, hence why we have opened the Chasing Vert Athletes programme. 

Through our product sales we are going to use a percentage of the profits which will be deposited into the CV Fund, which will be then disbursed to an athlete of our choice every 3 months, there will be an application process, which the athlete will need to submit a short but detailed email to chasingvert@gmail.com, outlining the following -

1. Chosen sport and experience

2. Career to date results (you don't have to win to be a CV Athlete)

3. Events you are preparing for or dream events you though out of reach but would like to compete at (don't hold back here).

4. What they need from CV to get there (again don't hold back)

5. A brief paragraph on how you think CV can help you reach your goal. 

Once the emails have been received the CV crew will work through each one and determine who will receive the support for the coming 3 month period. 

Applications - are now open for our next athlete to sponsor, and will close on the 31st of June 2016, we will then go through our internal process to select the athlete and notify them either way if they have been selected or not by the 15th July 2016, the next Funding period will start on the 1st August 2016 with all % of profit funds accumulated for the next 3 months from the 1st of August 2016 sales period going towards the chosen athletes goal. 

So if you have a friend, family member or want to nominate yourself to be our Chasing Vert Athlete then jump on and send us an email today, no matter what sport it is we will consider all applicants,

Email - chasingvert@gmail.com (mark attention Athlete Programme